Announcement on the early release of the single token pledge and the establishment of the Chocoswap board of directors

Dear Chocoswap community members:

Hello there! The operation team plans to start the unlocking of the “single token pledge lock-up” in advance at 20:00 on April 1, 2021, Beijing time, and users can use the “unstake” function on the official mining website.

The operation team will count the users who participate in the “single token pledge lock-up” and qualify for rewards by invoking smart contracts, and then issue additional VNLA rewards, and distribute all income to users one month after Swap goes online. At the same time, users of “single token pledge lock-up” will also have priority to receive the airdrop of Chocoswap’s late-stage algorithm stable token Choco.

Users who contact a single pledge in advance by any means will not receive any of the above rewards.

We are very grateful for your support to Chocoswap!

At the same time, Chocoswap will formally establish the board of directors from April 6th, Beijing time, inviting the core holders of vanilla (VNLA) to participate in project governance and obtain more benefits and returns. The specific conditions are as follows:

The board of directors entry threshold and obligations:

1. Hold at least 50,000 vanilla (VNLA).

2. After the establishment of the board of directors, Chocoswap will start the “single token lock-up dividend pool”. The board members promise to participate in the single-token lock-up pledge to obtain various dividends and returns.

3. Have a firm belief in the project and are willing to work with the operation team and technical team to jointly promote the sustainable development of the project according to the roadmap.

Board members: no more than 50

Board members’ rights and interests:

1. Join the board member group of Chocoswap.

2. Board members can participate in the “single currency pledge dividend pool” and enjoy the following bonuses:
(1) After Chocoswap’s transaction function and the later cross-chain aggregation transaction function are launched, except for the first month’s profit distribution to “single currency lock-up” users, the net profit brought by later handling fees, traffic and data will be shared with priority Member of the board;
(2) The members of the board of directors can participate in the voting of various proposals and participate in project decision-making and governance through vanilla (VNLA).
(3) Chocoswap will launch the algorithmic stable currency Choco. In addition to using the VNLA pledge, Choco will also airdrop to board members;
(4) Other benefits.

How to participate:

(1) Contact the community administrator Luna or Dreamchaser, and submit WeChat/Telegram ID, address information, etc. (If participating in liquid mining, you need to submit mining screenshots), and then pull the group in a unified manner.
(2) Apply to join the board of directors through official email or official Weibo private message, and the administrator will connect.

Thank you for your support to Chocoswap.

Chocoswap team
April 1, 2021

The First Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange built on Ontology(Formerly called Ontoswap)

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