Weekly report of Chocoswap(April 7-April 13, 2021)

Dear Chocoswap community members:

As of 18:00 on April 12, 2021, the main data of Chocoswap are as follows:

Total supply of VNLA: 7,57,100
TVL: US$790,000
Token holding addresses: 6447
Total number of Chinese community: about 7000
Total number of English community: about 4000 people
Twitter followers: about 5,500 people

The main points of the project this week are as follows:

Technological progress

1. The DEX front-end page of Chocoswap has been modified, and the related functions of Swap have been improved.

2. VNLA’s transaction mining will be available for real-time withdrawal from April 11th. Users will receive rewards after trading through specific trading pairs, and they can directly receive rewards on the “Transaction Mining” page. A total of 525,000 transaction mining rewards in a single month in April will be directly destroyed if they are not distributed.

3. Chocoswap will be the DEX aggregation in the HECO ecosystem in this case in April, which can realize the aggregation of all mainstream DEX, such as MDEX, Anyswap, Dog, etc

4. Chocoswap will launch the Token Choco in April.

Operational progress

1. VNLA will destroy 2 million tokens from the reserved mining pool from April 15th, that is, transfer 2 million tokens to the black hole address. Subsequent VNLA will also destroy a certain amount of reserved mining pools monthly and in batches.

Community building

1. At 21:00 on the evening of April 8, the Chocoswap team had an in-depth exchange with users in the community. Shawn, the head of the marketing department, introduced the product development roadmap from April to May in detail and answered user questions one by one.

2. The Chocoswap operation team conducts in-depth communication with VNLA holders to discuss project development and in-depth cooperation.

Chocoswap is still in the early stage of development and has many shortcomings. We hope that the community members will understand and support, and provide us with valuable comments and suggestions, thank you!

Contact us:

Official website: chocoswap.org
Mining website: chocoswap.finance
Email: contact@chocoswap.io
Github: https://github.com/chocoswap
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Choco_Swap
Telegram (English): https://t.me/chocoswap
Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/chococn
Official Weibo: https://weibo.com/chocoswap
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Chocoswap/
Medium: https://medium.com/@chocoswap
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chocoswap-108217491075427
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/chocoswap

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