Chocoswap Project Weekly Report (June 30-July 5, 2021)

Dear Chocoswap community members:

As of 18:00 on July 4, 2021, the main data of Chocoswap are as follows:

Total supply of VNLA: 8.923 million
Coin holding addresses: 8341
Total number of Chinese community: 8,000
Total number of English community: 3300
Twitter followers: 7684
LinkedIn followers: 3034
Facebook fans: 3207

The main points of the project this week are as follows:

1. Technology and products

(1) Chocoswap is actively synchronizing all DEX data of BSC (Binance Ecological Chain) in order to realize the aggregation of DEX on BSC as soon as possible.

(2) Vanilla (VNLA) is conducting technical docking with Hoo, deploying the Hufu ecological chain as soon as possible, and strengthening cooperation with the Hufu ecological chain and other ecological partners.

(3) Affected by international network fluctuations, users can log in through the backup website or scientifically go online. Note that when entering the URL, you must enter: “https”

(4) Chocoswap is actively developing and deploying the board pledge reward pool, which is expected to be completed within 2 weeks.

2. Operation

(1) Chocoswap will be listed on YEX exchange from July 5th,

The deposit will be opened at 20:00 (UTC+8) on July 5th,
Trading will be opened at 20:00 on July 6th (UTC+8), trading pair (VNLA/USDT)
Withdrawal will be opened at 20:00 (UTC+8) on July 7th.

(2) Chocoswap is still in close communication with other exchanges, striving for cooperation as soon as possible.

(2) Chocoswap continues to work closely with Doge, BXH, MDEX, PIPI, LAVA, and other DEX to aggregate the DEX liquidity pool and facilitate users to conduct aggregate transactions on the HECO chain.

3. Community

At 21:00 on the evening of July 2, Chocoswap held an AMA with community members to introduce the progress of the project.

Chocoswap is still in the early stage of development and has many shortcomings. We hope that the community members will understand and support, and provide us with valuable comments and suggestions, thank you!

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