Chocoswap will start token sales on LID

Chocoswap, the first cross-chain decentralized exchange based on Ontology ecosystem, will officially start token sales via LID (Liquidity Dividends Protocol) at 21:00 January 8th PST.

Chocoswap’s vision is to become the first decentralized exchange built on Ontology, and it aims to resolve the issues in the existing decentralized exchange sphere. With the help of dual token mechanism (utility token: Choco; governance token: VNLA), Chocoswap will realize the absolutely fair DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Further, it will realize instant cross-chain transactions and much lower transaction fees. Chocoswap has passed the code audit from well-known audit company QuillAudits.

Currently, Chocoswap is built on Ethereum network, and it is planned to migrate to Ontology in 2021.


Token supply : 21M $Choco

Available for presale : 7.35M $Choco

1ETH : 9187.50 Choco

Minimum — 0.01 ETH

Maximum — 25 ETH

Presale Link:

Visit to learn more about $Choco

Main Official Networks

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The First Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange built on Ontology(Formerly called Ontoswap)

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